Reconciling human conflict

from within.

our SINGLE mission

Welcome. Our work is based on the premise that the conflict we experience on the outside is a mirror of pain and disconnect we suffer on the inside. Realizing this is the precursor of true compassion and reconciliation.

There’s literally no facet of our lives and society that isn’t infested and infected by conflict, which continues to plague and torture our humanity. This we believe is worked out by cultivating self-awareness.

To play our role, we offer resources on our site as well as 360 Perspective Sessions to help people work through conflict scenarios.

Our work is guided by the Golden Rule: 1) Love Source with all our heart and 2) Love our neighbors (incl. enemies) within ourselves.

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Human conflict is a critical challenge affecting our planet…and we’re at a critical juncture. To make it to the next level of human progress, we need to get a handle on this.

My best wishes in working through your conflicts! We’re here for you.

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