Org Values

I. Love God/Source/Truth will all our heart, mind, and might.

II. Love our neighbor, including enemy, within ourselves.


(You can also learn about other Eternal Truths on my personal site.)

Shared Milestones

It’s not about who gets recognition or credit, but that the collective inner work gets done.


Substance and depth is not meant to be measured, captured, or quantified.


The org is competing and comparing against itself only. It’s difficult to let go of a competitive perspective, but essential for this type of work.


As much as possible, this org should be independently sustainable.


This org is about tuning into the Source within each of us, not building, promoting, or glorifying itself.


The work is not dependent on any proprietary technology, information, education, or privilege.


The moment this work seems complicated is when we’ve lost touch. This work has to be simple and accessible to everyone.

Growing and Learning

We continue to fumble and stumble each day, and get wiser each day. No perfection. No judgment.

Finite Lifespan

When our human conflicts have been reconciled on this planet, we won’t need to exist anymore. We exist purely to fill this social need.